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Job Opportunity in Brandon

Become a personal trainer for DeadSet Fitness.

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Join the DF Team:

Personal Trainer for DeadSet Fitness

We’re looking to grow our team and expand the impact that DeadSet Fitness is having on people’s lives. We are a coaching gym and pride ourselves on providing our members with the best environment and team to improve their health and fitness.

What are the Expectations?

1. Consult and Assess – Conduct initial assessments with clients to determine their fitness background, goals, and any important health issues or injuries.

2. Develop Fitness Programs – Create training plans based on a client’s current abilities and fitness goals. We can provide programming templates and progressions to assist, but you are responsible for modifying programs to each client.

3. Coach – Explain and demonstrate proper movement. See and correct movement faults. Ensure clients move safely and effectively, and provide cues to improve movement. Motivate and hold clients accountable to drive results and improvement.

4. Track Progress – Using our software and app, track client progress over time. Review progress to measure improvement, identify challenges, and adjust goals.

5. Educate – Beyond the fitness program, provide clients with education on various topics that will drive their health and fitness forward. 

What’s the work environment?

You’ll work with clients in 1:1 and in semi-private groups of up to 4:1. Scheduling will be as flexible as you need as long as it meets the frequency expectations of your client. Number of work hours will be as required to meet the needs of clients.

Our Coaching team can provide resources to assist you in developing training programs.

We’ll provide the billing, scheduling, and progress tracking software through an online dashboard and mobile app.

You’ll have access to all gym equipment (squat racks, pull-up bars, rings, barbells and plates, free weights, conditioning machines, indoor and outdoor space).

DF will promote your service and recruit personal training clients to refer to you. Personal Trainers are welcome to bring new and existing clients.


Pay is based on client sessions, trainer experience, and group size. Pay range is from $26.67 – $65.49 per hour.

Minimum Requirements

  • Coaching, personal training, or fitness-related certification
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Coaching or training experience

If you’re interested in joining the DF Team, send us an email at deadsetfit@gmail.com – we’ll be in touch with you very soon!

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