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Foundations Program in Brandon

Setting The Standard
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Our Gym in Brandon, MB

We excel at helping our clients achieve their fitness goals. Our fitness classes are designed to challenge everyone, regardless of fitness level. With certified and experienced coaches, you can be assured that you will be in good hands at DeadSet Fitness.

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DeadSet Fitness


Monday – Sunday
5:00AM to 11:00PM

Open Gym is available any time during those hours excepting during scheduled classes.


Facebook: DeadSet Fitness
Instagram: DeadSet.Fitness
Email: deadsetfit@gmail.com

Our Location

B2 – 650 1st Street
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 6K5

Member Spotlight

taylor h testimonial
Taylor H

The atmosphere at DeadSet is incredibly welcoming, fostering a sense of kindness and encouragement. It’s become my favorite place to be. What I enjoy most about the gym is definitely the people and the coaches. Being apart of such a supportive community has been transformative. Also, recognizing the importance of consistency and witnessing my gradual improvement in skills and strength has been remarkable. It’s uplifting. Whenever I’m having a rough day, hitting the gym instantly lifts my spirits.

The supportive atmosphere, where everyone cheers each other on, is incredibly motivating. Plus, unlike at traditional gyms, I find I’m less inclined to compare myself to others. Before Deadset, I stuck to traditional gyms, struggling to find motivation. Venturing out of my comfort zone into CrossFit was the best decision!