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Chris Menzies

Owner / Coach

Chris played several sports growing up and narrowed his focus to baseball through College. He was introduced to different training programs over these years and found himself drawn to CrossFit classes for the group training effect; there’s a lot to be said about accomplishing hard things right beside others who are all doing the same.

While Chris still loves learning and developing new skills, his passion is in coaching and finding the right cues to help others become more confident in their fitness abilities.

– CrossFit L1 Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlighting Trainer
– CrossFit Spot the Flaw
– CrossFit Judges Course

Brooke Huculak

Owner / Coach

Brooke’s athletic background is in volleyball, which she played through University. After her competitive team sports days were behind her, she found CrossFit to keep competing and challenging herself to learn new skills. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Brooke is always training with her sights (dead)set on the next competition.

Brooke has a passion for coaching because she loves seeing others accomplish things they never thought they could do.

– CrossFit L1 Trainer
– CrossFit Nutrition I
– CrossFit Judges Course

Brittany Dixon

Gym Wo-manager / Admin

Sticking with the common theme, Brittany also grew up playing soccer, hockey, and anything else she could get involved with. As she grew out of these sports, Brittany found a love for running, which led her to compete in several triathlons, half marathons, and other distance running events.

After having two boys, she was introduced to functional fitness and realized it was much more enjoyable than being trampled underwater by other triathlon competitors. Her draw is not only the physical challenge but the mental challenge as well that some of her workouts require – both of which she says have never felt stronger!

Brittany is very excited to be a part of the DeadSet Fitness team and has a passion for improving lives through fitness that she can’t wait to share with every member who comes through our doors.

– CrossFit Nutrition I

Carrie White

Coach / Nutrition Coach

Carrie joins our team with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. She most recently owned and operated Embark Fitness 365 in Brandon. Since closing the doors in November 2020, she’s kept busy spending all her time with her favourite little human, Sophie. A lot has changed over the past two years, but one thing stayed the same: Carrie misses being in a gym coaching classes and working with individuals to get their nutrition on track.

Carrie believes that fitness is for everyone. Her favourite part of coaching is seeing and helping individuals do things they never thought possible in the gym and hearing the stories of how working out has made their daily tasks much easier. Carrie understands that for many members, that 1-hour class can be the best part of their day. Having a positive, supportive and encouraging environment is key.

She enjoys spending time with her family and being active outside, whether it’s biking, going for walks, or chasing Sophie around the backyard.

– CrossFit L1 Trainer (2014-2019)
– CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
– Precision Nutrition L1 Coach
– ACE Weight Management Specialist
– ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Tegan Nagorski


Tegan has enjoyed being active for as long as he can remember. Growing up, Tegan participated in every sport he could. He loves being part of a team, working collectively with a group towards a common goal.

Tegan has been involved with functional fitness for over 7 years and has developed himself into a very strong athlete through hard work and dedication to skill progressions that take weeks, months, or years. He knows that before you can be proficient at the “big stuff” you have to spend time mastering the “small stuff”. The benefits he’s seen from this work are too long for this post.

Tegan’s coaching background is in volleyball, where he also enjoyed watching his athletes progress while seeing positive changes in their mental game as they improved physically. Ask anybody who has participated in group fitness classes before and one of the first benefits they’ll mention is the positive mental change they experience. Just like volleyball, Tegan is passionate about fitness and looks forward to coaching what he believes in and cares about.

– CrossFit L1 Trainer

Steven Kaskiw


Steven first grew interested in CrossFit classes when he was looking for ways to stay active and was attracted to the challenge of constantly varied workouts. Now he enjoys helping others compete against those same challenges through coaching. He has been coaching / instructing CrossFit classes as an L1 Trainer for over 4.5 years.

Steven recently graduated with his Master’s of Education, where much of his focus was on how physical activity and exercise can improve educational outcomes. Steven still enjoys learning about the different ways to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Steven has recently got into the hobby of hiking and backcountry camping with his buddy Jordan, but most of his spare time is spent with his dog Connor. You can expect to see both of them around the gym!

– CrossFit L2 Trainer
– CrossFit Anatomy Course


Kristy Fisher


Kristy grew up in a small rural town playing ALL the school sports. After high school, she moved to the big city and graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelors of Medical Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) in 2010.

After a brief stint in the bodybuilding world, Kristy found CrossFit in 2015 which opened a whole new competitive world and self growth for herself. She started coaching CrossFit classes in 2016 and has since taken a wide range of coaching certifications related to CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, pregnancy and postpartum exercise, personal training and nutrition coaching. CrossFit also opened the door to competing in the sport itself, as well as competitively in Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting.

Along with being a lifelong athlete, Kristy is also a mom to two kick ass little dudes!

– CrossFit L1 Trainer (2016-2021)
– NCCP Olympic Weightlifting
– Clinical Athlete Powerlifting Coach
– ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
– ISSA Nutritionist
– ISSA Strength & Conditioning
– ISSA Health Coach
– Precision Nutrition L1 Coach
– Institute of Clinical Excellence: Management of the Pregnancy & Postpartum Athlete

Kinsley Skulmoski


Kinsley grew up in Brandon and has always been interested in sports and physical activity. She is fascinated by the human body which prompted her to become a physiotherapist. Since graduating in 2006, she has worked in a variety of areas and can appreciate how movement and strengthening can impact daily function and quality of life.

Kinsley found the functional fitness style of training 10 years ago after a few of her friends had started and encouraged her to try it. She instantly fell in love with the pace, variety, atmosphere and challenge of it. She has been coaching for 5 years and really enjoys seeing others get stronger and move more efficiently.

When Kinsley is not at the gym, you can usually find her doing some sort of outdoor activity – hiking, biking, camping. When not on the move she enjoys spending time with her family or curling up on the couch with a good book and of course a good cup of coffee.

– CrossFit L1 Trainer


Travis Lindsay


Travis has been active since he could walk and hasn’t stopped moving since. He spent a majority of his childhood playing group sports such as football, basketball, and was even quite the gymnast!

His passion for sports and movement hasn’t changed and Travis loves being around like-minded people who are always trying to better themselves. Travis has been doing functional fitness for approximately 4 years, and took a strong liking to the Olympic lifting component of the programming and developed his abilities to earn his spot to compete at Olympic Weightlifting Nationals.

Travis’ coaching background is in basketball where he enjoys seeing his players grow on and off the court. Travis loves coaching as it allows people to see their true potential through the hard work they put in!


Chaelynn Kitz


Chaelynn has been interested in sports and fitness from a young age. Growing up, Chaelynn participated in many sports with curling and softball receiving the most of her attention.

Chaelynn was introduced to CrossFit in high school and instantly fell in love with the workouts. Since beginning her functional fitness journey, Chaelynn has coached in multiple gyms as well as her own in her hometown of Oxbow, SK. Chaelynn is a huge believer that functional fitness is for everyone from any skill set and this shows with her attention to detail to ensure every DeadSet member enjoys a workout tailored to fit their needs and current ability.

Chaelynn not only uses functional fitness to stay physically and mentally healthy, but she also uses it as a tool to increase her fitness to be a competitive Canadian curler and as she works towards her Firefighter / Paramedic career.

– CrossFit L1 Trainer
– Bachelor of Kinesiology: Exercise and Sport Studies


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