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DeadSet Fitness

We are Brooke and Chris. We have been involved with other gyms for many years, as members, coaches, and drop-in attendees. During that time we have learned that some gyms are fantastic in some areas, but lacked in others. We spotted a gap in fitness options in Brandon, so we decided to make things happen to change that. 

As a part of DeadSet Fitness, we have brought together a team of passionate individuals who are committed to bringing you the most rewarding member experience we can deliver. The right programming, experienced coaches, quality equipment, and open gym access are all combined together to ensure you have the highest quality member experience.

As the name implies, we built DeadSet Fitness to create an environment for fitness enthusiasts that are dead set on becoming their healthiest selves. We aim to create a space where people can find motivation and support to achieve their fitness goals. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to get back into shape after some time away from exercise, our classes are designed to be scaled to someone completely new to exercise, or experienced lifters.

To get the most out of DeadSet Fitness, you need to be willing to put in the effort, to work with trained coaches, to learn and develop new skills, and to join a culture of hard-working individuals. If you fit that description, then sign up. We’ll handle the rest.

Our Gym


Chris Menzies

Owner / Coach

Chris has been playing different sports ever since he could walk. He grew up involved with baseball, hockey, volleyball, soccer, and track. He narrowed his focus to play baseball in College and continued with coaching afterwards. Chris has been doing CrossFit / functional fitness since 2013 and is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with a CrossFit Weightlifting certificate. Chris uses fitness to challenge himself physically and mentally and prepare himself for whatever his life or job require. He is always building some sort of project or trying to keep up with his active daughter who he hopes to coach one day (CrossFit Games 2037?)

Brooke Huculak

Owner / Coach

Sports have always been part of Brooke’s active lifestyle. She grew up playing volleyball, baseball, basketball, and track & field. Eventually the focus turned to volleyball which allowed her to play with Team Manitoba, Brandon University Bobcats, and a later comeback with the ACC Cougars. After her volleyball career came to end she filled that competitive void with CrossFit in 2016. She has a handful of competitions under her belt and is always training for the next one. Functional fitness has been invaluable to Brooke as a Police Officer and parent of a busy toddler.


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DeadSet Fitness was founded with the goal of creating a community focused gym in Brandon, Manitoba. We wanted to bring people together to share fitness experiences and motivate each other to achieve goals. We wanted to create a place where people could find support and encouragement to reach their healthiest selves.

DeadSet Fitness is located in the heart of Brandon at 650 1st Street (across the street from Kim’s Restaurant on McTavish). The club is a 2-minute walk from Brandon Regional Health Centre.


Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable. Our coaches have decades of combined experience in CrossFit and Functional Training. Whether you are looking to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, or overall wellness, one of our qualified coaches can help.

DeadSet Fitness offers gym memberships, result-based group training, and nutritional guidance. Our focus is on progression-based training, meaning each workout builds on the last. Every exercise, rep, set, and rest has a clear intention, and that intention is to get you to your goals.

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brandon mb gyms

Who Trains At DeadSet

DeadSet Fitness is a super inclusive community of strength-seekers who come from a variety of backgrounds, race, gender, and size. What ties our clients together is the love for functional fitness and a drive to do more and to be more – inside and outside the gym. Those days of strolling into the gym at random and having no clue what to do are long gone. We have classes, coaches, and programs to ensure you’re not only moving safely, but getting measurable results.

Training Style

Functional fitness involves a variety of movement patterns that mimic everyday, natural physical tasks (i.e. lifting a heavy box = deadlifts, getting up from a chair = squats, placing your luggage in an overhead bin = presses). It is common for people to think that these exercises are performed at maximum intensity, however, the intensity (speed, weight, volume) will vary depending on each member’s needs. Our coaches are experienced in tailoring workouts to find the most effective intensity level for each member.

brandon mb gyms
deadset fitness amenities


We believe that fitness should be fun. So we designed our facility to be welcoming and comfortable. As much as DeadSet Fitness is a gym, it is also a supportive, inspiring, and empowering community. We strive to make positive life changes through functional fitness. Our 2000+ square foot facility boasts top of the line equipment from Rogue, Concept2, and Canadian brands Synergee and Northern Lights. We have a variety of equipment, including air bikes, rowing machines, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo boxes, gymnastic rings, climbing rope, and much more.

Within our facility, you will find a warmup area, changerooms, shower, water fountain, pre and post workout drinks and snacks, supplements, and branded merchandise. No worries about parking, because it’s free and right beside the gym.

We strive to provide an environment where people can learn and grow. We encourage members to take part regularly in our group training classes so that they meet their goals. If you’re looking for a supportive community, a challenging workout, and a healthy lifestyle, then look no further than DeadSet Fitness.

Member Spotlight

brandon mb gyms
Kayla D

I love coming to DeadSet. It might sound silly, but it’s often my favourite part of the day. It’s my time to work on myself and not worry about anything else.

My favourite part of the gym is meeting and spending time with other people that want to work on themselves. I love being able to celebrate my own and others’ successes as we each hit milestones in our training.

Coming to DeadSet has made me excited to train again. I love having access to knowledgeable and supportive coaches that will push me to improve each week and the environment is second to none.

For someone who has never tried functional fitness, I would say that each workout can be scaled to your ability and/or an injury you may have. It’s a supportive environment where everyone celebrates your successes no matter the size. Having a coach in each class that is able to assist you in learning new movements or improving your form is an absolute game changer.

The gym experience gets me excited to come back each day and continue working on myself and improving a little more each day. It’s so nice being in an environment where everyone wants to see each other succeed.

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